This is the first work I did in my home studio. This happened in June 2013 when Beowulf moved out and we finally had space for me to pull out and blow the dust off my Tascam which many of you contributed to for my 50th Birthday. The project represents my feelings in realizing a large part of my journey as a human was coming to an end. I will always be Dad but never again the father of children.

Link to download entire Transitions project in zip archive

preluDe (click on arrow for detail) Two accoustic guitars
This song is derived from a beginner classic guitar piece it is special to me as it is the first song I learned and first song taught MacLeod, Beowulf and Chantal when they asked to learn guitar. I feel both joyous and melancholy when I play or listen to it. Every beginning represents an end. Childhood ends and my journey to fatherhood begins. Margaret I can't thank you enough for the Yamaki even though it is getting old and impossible to play I had to record this song on it as it was there from the beginning.
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A Minor Incident (click on arrow for detail) Accoustic guitar, Bass, Korg MS-20 and Vocals Lyrics
This journey was not made alone and started with a minor incident. I met a girl.
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E-Mote (click on arrow for detail) Two Electric Guitars and Korg MS-20
This song was composed by bricolage as opposed to intent. In fact I had to ask Macleod what exactly what I was doing with guitar one because I could not figure out the key. This project is a single night composition and record and some times it shows in the playing. The recreational combustibles don't help precision either. One of great lessons a young father learns that is it is good to show emotion or E-Mote as it were.
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A Decent into Madness (click on arrow for detail) Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Korg MS-20
I love Brooklyn my baby Tullya is there and the sky is always blue when I'm with her. One of the things I love is the late evenings in Jake's study after the girls go to bed smoking cigarettes and getting a music lesson. Hearing Jake talk about music is like listening to poetry, I don't understand it but its sounds so very good. I'm always both exhausted and invigorated if such a thing is possible after one of these sessions. My brain hurts from trying to stuff way too much information into its limited space and I can't wait to get to work misapplying the lessons I misunderstood. This song is the result of a long conversation about building tension using diminished scales. I try to show the rising tension that results from chaos that is a young growing family and resolve it into to moments of bliss that make it all worth it
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D'stroyer (click on arrow for detail) Electric Guitar, Bass, Korg MS-20 and Spoken Word
If you listen to the bass line of this song it is in my opinion really quite upbeat. The bass line is in a major key and builds a nice foundation, representing the work done building a family. The super distorted guitar is in a minor key and tries to undo the hard work of the bass. This song represents that part of us that would tear down what we have built. As a subtext it also represents those fears we have about the world we have brought our children into. Most of us I think are successful in resiting the destroyer but we can't hide from it. The song is probably way too long. This is because the bass line which I composed first was just so much fun to play. Oh yeah, the spoken word warning is there because being a bit of a head banger (from time to time) I gave myself a sore neck listening to it the first few times.
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coDa (click on arrow for detail) Two Electric Guitars
What can I say another one nighter (composition and record). This song is in the same key as preluDe and follows the same chord structure. Many of the licks I play on the acoustic on preluDe are here but played with hesitation. The intent was to express the joy of anticipation is gone. I feel just melancholy when I play it. It represents to me the empty nest. That the best most important job a man can ever have is over for me. I laid the guitar one track with a distorted electric guitar and then just let all my emotions pour out on the second guitar track with a digital delay. The delay I hope gives it the nostalgic wistful melancholy I was feeling. I was pretty much(actually literally) in tears by the last few notes of the song. I may be able to play it better now that I have been playing it for a while but I will probably never play it as well as that night.
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