When the going gets tough the tough go hide in their home studio. The pure mechanics of playing especially doing route things like scales can help sooth a racing mind. For me it is good to let my fingers do my thinking from time to time and give my brain a rest.

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C me the invisible man (click on arrow for detail) Electric Guitar, Bass
Every once in a while when I get on an electric guitar I fantasize about being a rock star. This is pretty funny for someone as uncomfortable as I am playing in front of people but there you go. I know I can only do what I can but this song really makes me regret I do not know any drummers. No drum machine or simulated timpani on the Korg is ever going to give this song what it needs. I often am inspired when I hear heavy metal guitarists shredding on their axes. This is me trying to be grown up like them.
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At Twilight (click on arrow for detail) Solo Acoustic Guitar
A folk song inspired by that feeling I get when the diminishing sun creates an unreal light at the end of a day.
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Bassics (click on arrow for detail) Bass and Electric Guitar
The bass is a blast! In all my compositions I try and give this instrument its due. Every time I pick mine up to compose a bass line I remember Bob Cooper telling me many years ago (when Gord and I were squatting at Candice and his place) that he always listened to the bass line not the guitar. At the time I thought he was crazy. As the years passed I have begun to realize he may be crazy but not for that reason. Even when I did not think anyone would ever hear what I did when I composed a bass line I would always think what would Bob think. In this song I composed the bass line first the guitar is just an add on.
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Island (click on arrow for detail) Acoustic Guitar, Bass Vocal Lyrics
OK, I got some shit to work out.
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Lost (click on arrow for detail) Electric Guitar, Korg MS-20 through Super Looper and Hydrogen Drum Machine
I injured my hand in the early part of 2014 by doing too many scales. It was a hard time for me as playing is my safe place and my life was a little out of control. Thank goodness for the old Korg MS-20 and Ubuntu Studio. I distracted myself playing with patches and the high-pass/low-pass filters on the Korg and the Super Looper on Ubuntu studio against a electronic drum beat(Hydrogen Drum, Ubuntu Studio). It was both a blast and a great distraction. I later added a guitar track cause, I'm me.
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lOST in sPACE (click on arrow for detail) Korg MS-20 (space patch) Hydrogen Drum Machine
This is experimentation with weird patches on a Korg MS-20 pushed through distortion and echo guitar pedals. I had lots of plans for this but in the end decided just not to interfere with its simplistic weirdness. If I was smart I might raise the level of the drum track and try to pass it off as dance music but I'm not smart and many may not agree that it is music.
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A Verse in Your Song (click on arrow for detail) Electric Guitar, Korg MS-20 and Vocal Lyrics
This was a painful song to write. In someways I did not want to write it and did not even know what to do with it if I did. Early 2014 the husband of a old friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and the prognosis was he most likely had 6 months to live. The pain they were suffering made me think that this was the outcome of all love. Romantic, familial or the love of a dear friend we all have to face the prospect of abandonment by or abandoning those we cherish. It is the price of love. It is a price we all pay willingly as love is worth any cost. In what might be considered arrogance I tried to write in the words of Tiny a kind man who was worried about his wife but in the end I think I'm trying to talk for all of us. It was my hope the song might give them comfort even though I would probably not have had the nerve to give it to them. In fact Tiny died before I finished the song and I will probably never actually finish it now (as witnessed by absence of the bass). I did share it with my friend as it was because what else could I do?
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